Hello Thank you so much for visiting my page. I am a mom, and former personal chef. I have a passion for food, real food, non processed, non GMO, organic foods. I know what it feels like to come home after a long day of work, look in the kitchen and think, “Do I really have to make dinner now?!” Sometimes you’re just too tired to make an elaborate meal. This blog is my answer to that. Quick, easy, and delicious meals and recipes that will not have you slaving your life away in the kitchen for hours on end.

The current state of our food supply worries me. Organic and Non-GMO are not just trendy words to me. For the first time in the history of humankind we are faced with the real danger of loosing bees. Considering that bees have been on the earth since the Cretaceous period, and that human kind depends on them to pollinate most of our food supply, it is a sobering fact! Modern technology is great, but when it comes to food, nature does it better than we ever could. Our food doesn’t need to be sprayed with chemical pesticides, or altered to be pest resistant, nature already has it covered. If we continue down this road with Monsanto driving the bus, it could mean an end to not just the bees but to life, food, and the world as we know it!

It makes me really sad that I can’t trust the words “all natural” and “100%” on packaged foods in the grocery store. As a new mom I find myself struggling with giving in and just buying the boxed stuff or pushing through that and making it myself. This blog will share my struggles and what I’ve come to now know…making it–whatever “it” is–is not as hard as you think. With that said, I want you all to know that all the ingredients I use to make the recipes in this blog are organic and Non-GMO. I hope that you will make the same choice for your family and the planet.

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    • Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my page! Page and I had such a wonderful time cooking with you! It was one of the highlights of our vacation! Looking forward to getting the recipes for what we made together, and recreating them in my kitchen!

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