How to cook Steamed crab legs

I am ashamed to admit it, but, I have never cooked, or steamed, crab in my entire life. What’s worse is that my family is from Louisiana, so cooking crab, is, and has been a major event in my life…or it should have been.  Every year, on New Year’s Day my mom pulls out her biggest pot and makes a seafood gumbo, crab legs and all. My grandmother did the same, and her mother and grandmother did too. My point is that cooking crab legs is a tradition in my family, and everyone in my family knows how to do it, except me. In my defense, I’m not a fan of gumbo, and never have been. I would venture to say, that I hate it really. My mom will probably kill me for saying that out loud–it is akin to blasphemy in her house.  Today I was forced to buy crab legs for a crab fried rice that I’m making. My grocer was all out of lump crab meat, so I was stuck. I could either try my hand at making crab meat from scratch, or not have any fried rice. Needless to say the desire to have crab fried rice won out.  After leaving the grocer, I called one of my best friends, Gina Hayakawa, she is an expert at making and steaming crab. She gave me her recipe, and I’m going to share it with you.  Let me just say, now that I’ve made crab this way, there is no way, I’m going back to buying lump crab meat at the market! This crab is so good that I almost didn’t have enough left over to put in my fried rice. After you make this–IF you have any left over–try using the crab meat to make my crab fried rice, or my crab cakes, or my crab taco’s.

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Regina Hayakawa’s Steamed Crab Leg Recipe:
Here’s what you need:
1-2lbs do crab legs
1/4 cup of rice vinegar
2 cloves of garlic whole
3 cups of water


Place the water, garlic, and rice vinegar in a pot and bring to a boil

Place your crab in the steamer, and place on top of the pan with the boiling water, and cover.

Let steam for 7-10 minutes and it’s done. What is one thing that you have shied away from cooking and why?
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