Food swaps! Trade your homegrown fruit for something you need

If you have a fruit tree of any kind, you are probably faced with a surplus of fruit every season and have no idea what to do with it. Well waste no more! People across the globe with excess food items are getting together to exchange their excess goods by participating in food swaps, all thanks to the Food Swap Network(FSN). FSN is a nonprofit organization that provides a central place in which people can connect with others in their town, to barter their own excess goods with others who have excess goods.  The goods can range from things like homemade pickles, preserves, oils, and honey, to things like advocado’s, lemons, veggies, herbs and eggs. How awesome would it be to trade your apples for fresh free range eggs?!  So if you have lemons or apples that go to waste every year because you cant eat them all, you may want to check out the local food swap club in your area.  FSN has more than 125 swaps around the world. If your city doesn’t have one you could always start one. Go online now to sign up for your first swap:

What would be your dream swap? I’d love to get some fresh eggs, or some kumquats!
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