Fruit roll-up’s it is!

We’ve managed to eat most of the strawberries I got from the farmers market. However, we still have 2 baskets left. My daughter loves all things that involve fruit leather, and I haven’t made her any for quite some time. I normally dry really ripe pears and pineapples for her, but these strawberries will be a nice change! Strawberry fruit roll up’s are so simple to make. You only need one ingredient strawberries! Equipment you’ll need for this recipe: A blender, parchment paper, and an oven.

Slice the tops off the strawberries and place them in the blender:

Blend until smooth:
Pour out onto a piece of parchment paper
 Smooth out with a spatula
Make sure that the mixture is spread out evenly
Place in a dehydrator, or in your oven at 130 degrees F, or the lowest setting on your oven for 4-6 hours. Be careful not to let this over cook or you’ll give a whole new meaning to the term fruit leather!
Once it’s done remove from the parchment paper roll, cut, and enjoy!!
What is your favorite fruit to dry? 

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